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Just watched Ken Burns' latest on PBS, "The Mayo Clinic: Faith - Hope - Science." It's also available through various online sources.

From the documentary's website:

"The Mayo Clinic began in 1883 as an unlikely partnership between the Sisters of Saint Francis and a country doctor named William Worrall Mayo after a devastating tornado in rural Minnesota. Since then, it has grown into an organization that treats more than a million patients a year from all 50 states and 150 countries.

"Dr. Mayo had a simple philosophy he imparted to his sons Will and Charlie: 'the needs of the patient come first.' They wouldn’t treat diseases…they would treat people. In a world where healthcare delivery is typically fragmented among individual specialties, the Mayo Clinic practices a multi-specialty, team-based approach that has, from its beginnings, created a culture that thrives on collaboration."

Just one example of innovation: labs are located next to surgery rooms. Instead of waiting a week or two for lab results, and possibly having to schedule a follow up surgery, patients get results in 30 minutes, while still in the OR.

Btw, Mayo Clinic doctors are leaders in their fields, get on staff through a highly selective process—and ALL work on salary. Like the Sisters of Saint Francis, they put service to others first.

Maybe...just maybe...the answer to the healthcare mess is in here.

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